37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to know if my delivery is near? Wht happens before labour starts?

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Answer: Pre labour signs Persistent lower back pain or abdominal pain, with a pre-menstrual feeling and cramps.Painful contractions or tightenings that may be irregular in strength and frequency, and may stop and start.Broken waters. Your membranes may rupture with a gush or a trickle of amniotic fluid. Although this can happen long before labour starts, you should still call your maternity unit to let them know.A brownish or blood-tinged mucus discharge (bloody show). If you pass the mucus plugthat blocks the cervix, labour could start soon, or in a few days. It's a sign that things are moving along.An upset tummy or loose bowels.A period of feeling emotional, excited or moody. You may feel restless, anxious or impatient.Disrupted sleep.
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Question: How to induce labour pain if 9th months is completed. & Near to due date.
Answer: Hey it's okay dear you still have some time for due date..till then kindly keep yourslef active..do brisk walks for 15-20 minutes daily..some ladies do nipple stimulation it even sex to trigger labor pain..some try castor oil with warm water.for me it was brisk walk that worked.....
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Question: If the labour starts and baby is in breech position then can normal delivery be possible?
Answer: Dear if you get labour pains and you are having a breech baby then yes even in the past breech babies were born only due to the complications the doctor suggest cesarean
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Question: Before how much time of delivery labor pain starts?
Answer: Hi dear it depends and vary from person to person ... At least it starts 24 hours before . Gope this info will be helpful tc
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