24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to know if its a girl or a boy..just curious to know..

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Answer: Hello! There is actually no way to know the gender of the baby apart from the sex determination test. But it is illegal in our country. Hence it is best to leave it on nature and enjoy the suspense. Take care
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Question: How do you get to know if its a boy or a girl
Answer: I have also tried so many myth to know. It not important though it's funny. One of my teacher told me by seeing my tummy that Its a boy. Because the bump is not hanging forward the bump is like at upper part not at the abdomen. If it's a girl the bump is totally round and seems like hanging out ward. But don't take it seriously .let's see what happens. surprise gift r more adorable and makes more happy
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Question: How to know its a girl or a boy?? I am too curious to know!!!!
Answer: Hi dear,  I can understand your curiosity but gender check is illegal in India and it doesn't matter if it's girl or boy us being mom our love remains same. Wait for the big day. Hope you will have health baby. 😇
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Question: Very curious to know if I have a baby girl or boy
Answer: Hi dear, can't determine baby's gender on any ground. Better wait for wonderful surprise to come to this world.
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