10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to know baby is healthy??

Answer: Hi dear, Congratulations on your pregnancy! Being pregnant itself brings lot of emotional and physical changes.and as a would be mother it's a constant thought if the baby is doing fine.so first of all relax,your baby is in a protective sac,where your placenta keeps providing nutrition through you.so eating healthy will keep you in peace that baby getting enough nutrition.secondly once you start feeling baby movements, regular movement would assure you that it's doing fine.lastly,your scans and blood works both Wil clinically proven your baby is alright.
Answer: Dear the health of the baby will be known by the scans. Please do not worry you need to focus on eating healthy and staying hydrated and everything will be fine. Hope it helps.
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Question: how to know the baby is healthy?
Answer: Hello dear, the doctor wi prescribe you ultra sound scans and blood tests. Ultra sound will ensure the development and growth of the baby is going as per the weeks or not. Blood checks will ensure if there are any. genetic defect or problem. your doctor will guide you through all these and when to do. Don't worry, take care
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Question: How to know baby is healthy
Answer: Hello dear Firstly if the baby weight height is as per their age accordingly appropriate than this is the first sign of fitness. Secondly if baby is achieving their milestones at ideal time or nearby ideal time than also it is a sign of proper health. Also if baby is taking proper feed and having good sleep, active and responsive than you should be relaxed. Lastly, I would say if you have any particular point in your mind for which you are worried and is asking this question than you should consult your pediatrician personally as this is not the proper platform to solve any clinical side of issue, you should visit pediatrician without wasting a minute, anyhow if you have no particular matter in your mind than also you should visit the pediatrician regularly for the regular checkups of child and also for the vaccinations mainly. Hope everything is going fine.
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Question: How to know baby healthy in womb..?
Answer: Dear a regular doctor check and scan can help you know the exact growth of your baby. Also a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy helps you have a healthy pregnancy..
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