9 months old baby

Question: How to know baby is feeling cold or hot weather is changing unable to decide now what Clothes should I use to wear my baby Please mention temperatures or Any trick...

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Answer: Please use Normal clothing at home based on outside weather. When you are taking the baby out it is always advisable to completely wrap the baby. Again do not wrap the baby with hard towel during summer...
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Question: Hello doctors My child is nearly 6months now with 6kg weight. As elders says keep baby wear warm clothes in this changing weather. If I do same baby sweating and his clothes specially vest get wet. Please suggests me what should I do. Should I wear warm clothes to my child or should I wear him cool and cotton clothes. Please give ur advice. Thanku so much in the advance
Answer: Hi dear As its summer do not cover baby with thick and warm clothes...cotton cloth is safe and make baby feel comfort...do keep changing clothes every 3-4 hours...
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Question: Hi, as weather is changing, should we dtart putting woolen clothes to baby? My baby is 25 days old
Answer: Dear don't put woolen clothes to the baby because it's not that cold but yes start wearing thick clothes and full clothes to your baby. cover baby's head and foot and don't expose baby to direct air of fan...
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Question: How to know wheather a baby is feeling hot or cold?
Answer: Read it somewhere can check his/her feet that tells when hows newborn feeling.. if pinkish or red then warm n nice feeling newborn would have..
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