4 months old baby

Question: How to know baby is crying because of ear pain?

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Answer: hi if the baby is crying it could be several reasons you can touch the ears and see the baby cries loudly when by touching the years it could be due to ear pain it is then advisable to consult to the doctor to be on the safer side and for proper medication
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Question: How to know that baby is crying because of stomach pain
Answer: No problem..thoda thoda karke khila sakte..only once in a day..if he is unable to digest feed home cerlac
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Question: how do i know wheather my baby have ear pain
Answer: Hi if baby showing below symptoms then it will indicate ur baby has infection You may also notice the following symptoms: Your baby pulls, grabs, or tugs at his ears. This could be a sign he's in pain. . Diarrhea or vomiting. Reduced appetite. Yellow or whitish fluid draining from the ear. Unpleasant smell. Difficulty sleeping. Consult doctor if it matches to the symptoms. I sincerely hope it helps. Keeps on updating it questions
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Question: how do i know wheather my baby hav ear pain
Answer: Hello dear there are some symptoms to know that your baby has pain or not--- Draining ear Disturb sleep. Unpleasant smell from ear Reduce appetite
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