5 months old baby

Question: how to increase volume n texture of my baby hair

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Answer: Just apply pure coconut oil daily morning and give them a good head massage softly for 5 mins!! Thn just comb their hair softly with baby comb for 2 mins!! N wen ever u r free just comb his head for 3 or 4 times a day for good hair growth!!
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Question: my baby is born with less hair.. How to increase volume of hair?
Answer: Some babies come into this world as bald beauties while others have heaps of hair. The amount of hair your baby sports has much to do with genetics. While parents may be eager to speed up a baby's hair growth -- especially if there isn't any at all -- there's no way to do so. Within the first few months of baby's arrival, it's natural for hair loss to occur because of hormone levels and the rapid rate at which a baby grows. While you can't make a healthy baby's hair grow, it is crucial to take care of your baby's scalp. make sure you give healthy nutritious diet full of vegetables, fruits, milk and milk products. also keep the scalp clean with regular oiling and shampooing. if by 2 years of age hair growth is not seen, then you must consult the paediatrician.
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Question: How to increase volume of amniotic fluid at 22 weeks?
Answer: these are simple remedies: drink plenty of water have food that is rich in water content like watermelon and juices light exercise
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Question: How to increase liquor volume
Answer: One way to increase amniotic fluid volume and potentially avoid this condition is simply by drinking more water. A study was conducted on 30 women with low AFI. The women were instructed to drink at least 2L of water daily. Their AFI was evaluated before and 1 week after the initiation of oral hydration.Drinking coconut water helps meet your increased need for water when you're pregnant. This higher fluid need supports your increased blood volume, maintenance of amniotic fluid volume and fetal circulation. If it very severe you will be given iv drip to increase the fluids fast.
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Question: My baby's hair is less in volume. But the hair is lengthy but not dense. What care should be taken to increase the density of hair?
Answer: Hi dear. For some babies its common hair is less in volume don't woory. After few month it might may grow now cann't do anything. After a 6months or 1year you will remove all hair (i mean gundo) for baby know it automatically increases.
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