38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to increase the amniotic fluid levels??? And how much should it be during 37 weeks?? Im worried as doc told my levels are low....pls help me...

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Answer: Hi. Normal afi ranges from 8 to 18 cm. And as pregnancy progress afi level gets decreased. So to maintain afi level have atleast 2-3 ltr of water daily. Include as much as water source you can. Like coconut water, daal, fruits which are have high water content etc.
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Question: How to increase amniotic fluid rate?? How much should it measure by 37 weeks?? Pls help im worried....
Answer: Hi dear. In 20 to 35 weeks, the ideal rate of amniotic fluid is 14. However it will start to reduce in preparation for birth. If you want to increase the rate, you can ask your doctor for an amnio infusion (injecting fluid into uterus with help of a catheter).
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Question: My amniotic fluid level is low, how it can be increased and which fruits are best to increase it
Answer: Hello dear you can take more water atleast 15 cups of water everyday and you can yake fruits like watermelon.pomegranate, citrus fruits, you can also take more vegetables. Aloevera is very good souce to gain water. When days get closer to labour water level will decrease very quickly so try to take more and more water. It can be a y fluid form . Apple juice, milk shake, kiwi, strawberry milkshake. Eat more orange.
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Question: How to increase amniotic fluid during pregnancy pls tell me
Answer: Hello dear. One of the simplest ways to increase your amniotic fluid is to make sure that you are always hydrated. When you increase the amount of water you have in your body, your amniotic fluid levels will also rise. Drink water throughout the day and try to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses at a minimum. Take care.
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