36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to increase fetal weight growth?

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Answer: Dear 2 things that helped me was taking mama proteinex with milk thrice a day and also adding 1 tablespoon ghee to the milk once a day. This really helped my daughter in gaining weight in the last fex weeks of my pregnancy. Also along with this a healthy and nutricious diet is extremely important. Hope it helps.
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    Chanda Kumari793 days ago

    Thank u so much

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Question: How to increase fetal weight
Answer: Hello dear...A well balanced Pregnancy diet is an key to healthy weight gain during pregnancy,so follow these steps to yield a healthy baby with proper weight gain Eat atleast six meals Eat frequently,is the secret trick to gain weight during pregnancy,you can have small meals throughout the day,will give you healthy weight gain Have soaked dryfruits Start your day having a handful of soaked dry fruits,it is very essential for your babies development and it helps to gain weight fast Don't skip meals During pregnancy,you should not skip meals,this will lead to nutritional deficiencies.. Almond milk Have almond milk,daily evening,it is very good for you to gain weight during pregnancy Banana Have banana after dinner everyday,it not only helps in weight gain but also gives good colon health Warm milk before bed Have warm milk before bed ,it will promote you good sleep,and gains weight too..
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Question: How to increase fetal weight
Answer: Hi dear, Keep your diet balanced.unless there is any genetic issue with baby,diet is the only thing you need to take care.Pregnancy diet would need a well balanced , nutritious food options.there is no space for any junk like deep fried and sugary foods.eat home cooked clean food.start your day with a cup of warm milk ,or a milkshake/smoothie.after two hours have your breakfast,which has to b powerpacked.include poha/upma/whole wheat sandwiches/dosa/idli/stuffed paratha with less oil.have a fruit after one hour or breakfast.for lunch you can have two whole wheat rotis and a cup of boiled rice(preferably brown). complement it with your favourite vegetable curry/chana/beans etc ,have one protein (Dal/chicken/fish/egg).include some salad for fibre.for snacks fruits or dry fruits are excellent.you can have milkshakes too.avoid any caffeinated beverages and no alcohol at this stage.fir dinner you can have chapati, veggies ,curd and salad.some women also feel good to have a glass of warm milk before sleep.take your prenatal vitamins relegiously.have plenty of water.atleast 8-10 glasses .take rest as well as be active .
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Question: How to increase fetal weight?
Answer: Hello dear, first of all congratulations on your pregnancy.. to increase the weight of the baby please eat sufficient amount of protein rich foods like eggs, paneer, cheese, chicken, fish.. include butter and ghee in your food... Almonds, pistachios, walnuts, apricots, cashews, raisins, beans, white channa, peanuts, chikku, Banana, avocado must be included in your daily diet as they help in increasing the baby's weight...
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