3 months old baby

Question: how to increase breast milk

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Answer: Hi dear Milk production is proportionate to the amount of milk sucked by your baby. So in no way it is less. But you can have garlic, green papaya spinach oats carrot fennel fenugreek nuts bottle guard salmon to increase milk production. Take care
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Question: How to increase breast milk? Proven tips to increase milk?
Answer: Hello! To increase breastmilk there are few things which needs to be done. Since every one's body function in a different way, what works for me might not work for you. Hence you need to follow few things which will definitely help you. It is very important to have a nutritious diet. You need to infact eat more better way then you had taken food when pregnant. Have plenty of water, specially during and after feeding sessions. Use breast pump to stimulate the milk glands, this if done religiously is really helpful. Also along with this have satavarex granules and methi water. Try to remain relaxed and take proper rest. If you are mentally or physically stressed that also affects the breast milk. Take care
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Question: How to increase how to increase breast milk
Answer: Hello dear how is your parenting stage, hope your enjoying this phase, Have foods like spinach carrot meat nuts eggs oats almonds salmon fish beans lentils milk ridge guard Adding garlic pieces fenugreek seeds sesame seeds in your daily diet chart Drumsticks chia seeds bitter guard helps in production of breast milk hope this information may be useful to you ☺️ enjoy parenting 🤱
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Question: how to increase how to increase breast milk
Answer: Hi, to increase the breast milk supply, keep feeding the baby, the more you feed the better. Also use breast pump to stimulate the milk glands, also have a healthy nutritious diet and plenty of water. You can take satavarex granules also to increase breastmilk.
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