35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to increase baby weight. Now baby weight is 2.3 kg is normal or not

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Answer:  Don't worry about weight dear baby should be healthy and do not have any health complications. Every baby gain according to its body nature or body condition. You keep eating healthy food like curd milk butter ghee broccoli spinach potatos banana Chicku cereals fish helps in gaining your baby's birth weight. Have regular exercise yoga and walk keeps you active. Drink lots of water to keep yourself well hydrated. Take rest sleep well dear.
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    Priya Gowtham597 days ago

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Question: my 8th month scan baby weight is 2.3 kg. is that normal???? or how can i increase baby's weight
Answer: 8 month baby weight shi be around 2.27 kg ..so your baby's weight is normal ..u can include some food on your diet .. this food list which can help in fetal growth for your unborn baby. Milk-a minimum intake of 200-500 ml per day, may have a positive effect on fetal weight. good source of calcium; a nutrient equally important for your baby. Curd (Dahi)  . Cottage Cheese (Paneer) Or Cheese  Pulses -u can add some vegetables in dal. like bottle gourd/tori/spinach/chulai. A combination like this can take care of both iron and protein requirements Sprouts-Black Chana/Mung/lobia sprouts can also be included as they not only provide proteins but these are rich in iron. Soybean Peas, Beans-it will provide u protein, B complex vitamins, folic acid and minerals like Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and Copper. Chicken-include lean meats like chicken/low fat fish. Eggs- For a vegetarian mother another option for an equally good source of proteins instead of flesh foods is egg. Eggs especially are source of good quality proteins and vitamin A, D and minerals like iron etc. Green Leafy Vegetables - sarson, chulai, bathua, chana saag, cauliflower, kale, leaves are rich in iron. Spinach- Spinach is also good source of folic acid. Folic acid is crucial for the brain development of the foetus Carrots, Sweet Potato Pumpkin- These are another set of vegetables to be included in your diet. Citrus Fruits - Especially orange is rich in vitamin C and folic acid and dietary fiber, which helps in avoiding constipation common in pregnancy. Nuts - Nuts like almonds, peanuts may also be added to your diet to . Dalia, Brown rice, Millets should replace the refined cereals in pregnant women’s diet. .Supplements - Iron, folic acid supplementation may also increase birth weight of the infant.
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Question: My baby 3 month old weight is 4.5 kg is it normal or not how to increase
Answer: Hello mom Generally weight gain for babies should be double the birth weight in four to five months after birth but it can can vary between boys and girls.Also please remember that every baby is unique and can have slower growth rate.As long as your baby is feeding well and urine and stool output is good you need not worry.Please monitor weight on every doctors visit
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Question: Hello, My baby is 27 days old. She is 2.3 kg. How to increase her weight??
Answer: Hi! A 27 days old baby can hv only milk thr is no other option of food fr her hence u need to keep feeding the baby.. Hope this helps!
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