3 years old baby

Question: How to improve my baby colour fair

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Answer: Hello dear, Hello dear, An Indian diet for pregnancy is rich in all the nutritional requirements that both you and your baby. I am sending some tips, you can take in your diet according to your convenience... Pre-Breakfast Snack:......A glass of plain cow’s milk, Almond milk, Milkshake, Apple juice, Tomato juice, Dry fruits Breakfast:...... Bowl of fruits, Wheat rava upma with lots of vegetables, Poha with lots of vegetables, Oats porridge, Whole wheat toast with butter and omelet, Vegetable omelet, Paranthas with fillings of spinach, dal, potatoes, carrots, beans, cottage cheese, cheese with curd....Mixed bean cutlet or patties, Some fruits to go along with the breakfast such as apricots, dates, sweet fig, banana, oranges...Cheese toast or cheese and vegetable sandwich, Vegetable handvo, Rice sevai with lots of vegetables... Mid-Morning Snack:....Tomato soup, Spinach soup, Creamy spinach soup, carrot and beet soup, Chicken soup Lunch:....Roti with choice of dal, vegetable and a bowl of curd, Parantha with dal and a bowl of curd, Carrot and peas parantha with a bowl of curd and some butter, Jeera or pea rice with raita., Rice, dal and vegetable with vegetable salad...Lemon rice with peas and some vegetable salad, Vegetable khichdi... What NOT to Eat.....Soft Cheese,  Maida, Sea Fish, Street Food,  Excess Of Dried Fruits.. I hope it helped... take care urself....
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Answer: Hello dear, Use kasturi turmeric as it will remove the facial hair, when hair falls the complexion will lighten. Use this with few drops of milk and always use a pinch of turmeric. Many people swear by rubbing atta mixed with ghee on the skin of babies. I have not tried it as Im against using ghee and butter on kids, it blocks the pores. Apply egg white on your kids face before bath. Let it dry for few mins before wash. Apply sandal wood powder. Its better if you could buy a block and make a paste as store bought powders are mostly adulterated. Milk cream is very efficient in controlling the melanin production.  Always use a sunscreen. Use almond oil for baby massage, it has skin lightening properties. Hope it helped... Take care ur little one....
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Answer: Hi Dear! Complexion is inherited through genes and no matter what u do u cant change the original complexion however a babg of 3 yrs is all exposed to the sun, play a lot goes to skul etc. can make them a little dull but it will improve with time.. Hope this helps!
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