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Question: how to improve lubrication...sometimes my vaginal areas is too dry on our sexual time..can you plzz suggest some natural lubrications

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Answer: U can use natural desi ghee.... Lil bit
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Question: how to increase my breast milk. Suggest some natural foods.
Answer: Hi dear. You can try these remedies Masoor dal, garlic, water, and if u r non vegetarian go for mutton, chkn and fish Drink much water, barley water, milk, raw papaya. Need to take nutritional food. Long beans and all greens are food. All non vegetarian food helps. White shark works great. Take daliya it will instantly increase bm Take methi , bread, sonuf, phool makkan with milk ,cabbage And more baby demands or sucks d more ur breast produces milk. Don worry. Still u drink water before n after every feed it will help in producing milk immediately. Try to avoid gassy items like potatoes etc.
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Question: can you please suggest, how to improve baby colour. my baby 3 months old.
Answer: Hi! Complexion of the baby is determined by its genes at the time of conception, nothing you do can change your baby's natural complexion. Genetics determine the complexion, more the melanin more darker is the skin. So please dont overstress yourself thinking all this cause the skin color will vary with age and time. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hello doctor me too having no labour pains suggest me some natural ways to give aa vaginal delivery ?
Answer: Yeah because in last 2 weeks baby can grow one more kg then totally ur baby weight will be 4.5 which is hard for normal delivery so better prefer c section which is good for u n ur baby
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