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Question: How to identify if u r pregnant within 1 month

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Answer: Hi dear if u want to know if u r pregnant or not before 1 month time then best way is to go for blood check up where hcg can helps u know the correct status.
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Question: how to identify if water has break..
Answer: Water break is also a sign tat u r approaching labor...besides labor pain n contraction. As the baby moves down, your cervix will thin out creating some watery discharge. Totally normal :). If you're leaking amniotic fluid or your water has broken, the fluid is likely to saturate your underwear or panty liner over and over again. The fluid may be clear or contain white flecks, perhaps tinged with blood or mucus. It isn't likely to smell, however. If your are leaking amniotic fluid it won't stop and you'll get a big gush when you stand. In case you are soaking through a pad in an hour please call the doctor.
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Question: 1 month pregnancy symtoms and how could u conform before u cheack that u r concived
Answer: Dear for pregnancy we cant rely on symptoms because symptoms can be because of hormonal changes or some times symptoms didnt appear at all . So do confirm pregnancy with a home pregnancy test and use only first midstream urine of the day for accurate results..
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Question: How to identify its a boy r girl ?
Answer: Hello There is no sure shot way of telling dis it's a criminal offense finding the gender of the baby
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