30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: how to identify gender

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Answer: Hello, Being a mother we are always curious about the gender of the baby. But as you know the in India it is illegal because of obvious reason. So I suggest you to just enjoy this phase and let the nature do it's work. But there are many online apps that you can play just for fun sake...
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Question: How to identify babys gender
Answer: Hello dear. There is no way to find out the gender and it is illegal in India as well. Just be ready to get the most beautiful surprice of ur life and leave rest on god. Hope it helpsm
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Question: How to identify gender
Answer: Hello dear, your baby is boy or girl if u want to know u can follow these symptoms to know ur baby is boy or girl . heart rate - in a boy 140 beat / min and in a girl 140-160 beat / min.  food craving :- in a boy like sour food and salty food and in a girl like sweet . Tommy position:- in a boy u can feel low carrying and in a girl carrying high . urine color :- in a boy appear dark color and in a girl dull color . sleeping position - in a boy sleeping position left and in a girl sleeping position right . personality changes - in a boy aggressive, bold and dominant and in a girl irritating, depression, and anger during pregnancy. Hope it helped, but scientifically these tips are not proven. These are only guess.
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Question: How to identify babys gender?
Answer: It's illegal in our country to determine foetus gender
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