1 months old baby

Question: How to hold baby fter vaccination so that he doesn't move much n hence will hve less pain my baby is 1 month old plzz ans...?

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Answer: Hi! usually a post vaccination there will be pain and there can be a little swelling on the injected site you just need to ensure that you press that particular area with your thumb while you carry a baby on your lap so that there is no bleeding at the site and the bleeding stops immediately just after few seconds and if there is a pain please apply ice cube on the injected site the pain the swelling or the redness will go away .. Hope this helps!
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Question: my baby is one n half months old, today he had his DPT vaccination n is in so much pain. can u please tell me how long he will have to bear this pain.??
Answer: Hii I can empathise with ur concern. I was crying when my very active baby got injection and got so dull. this pain will persist max for 2 days. U can give cold compress if baby got swelling. Also u can give the medicine for fever to baby so that baby will feel relaxed and sleep. Keep baby properly feed and keep the atmosphere calm and relaxing. Keep the baby room cozy and dim light. Just think this is happening for baby's betterment. Stay calm. U stay with baby maximum to this time. Leaving all otherwise to someone else. All the best.
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Question: My baby is premature nd now he is 4 months 15 days old but he doesn't hold his neck ? When he will start to hold his neck?
Answer: It's take time because baby z premature...after 5months hold his neck don't worry
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Question: How to soothe vaccination pain in 1+ month old baby?
Answer: Hello dear... To reduce vaccination pain, give pediatrician recommended antibiotics in regular interval, can also give ice cube massage on that area will be helpful
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