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Question: how to heal fast in ceaserean delivery

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Answer: There are a lot of things to be considered and taken care of and your body goes through a lot. You are in a delicate state of mind and body so there are certain Do’s and Don’ts that need to be kept in mind.    1. Avoid certain foods Foods that cause gas or constipation must be avoided at all costs because it is very important to maintain the appropriate diet after C-section. These foods can cause pain in your tummy as they strain the bowels and may make it painful for you to poop. 2. Don’t crack up We feel bad just telling you this but laughing too hard can actually make the C-section incision hurt. So if you’re surrounded by a funny bunch, maybe tell them to make only snicker-worthy-jokes and save the ROFL-Jokes for later. This also goes for coughing but unfortunately, you can’t really control how you cough so nothing much you can do there.     3. Do not resume life immediately As soon as you get back home from having a Cesarean, your doctor would have advised you to not strain yourself and get as much rest as possible. This is what you should do and this means to say ‘NO’ to household work too. Never do anything unless it is absolutely necessary. Sit down, put your feet up and just relax. 4. Climbing stairs This is also a strict ‘NO-NO’ as climbing the stairs actually requires a lot of effort and you run the risk of the stitches coming apart. But even if you do have to climb the stairs, take them one at a time and do not go on them in a hurry. 5. Do not lift the baby You can have the baby in your arms when you are feeding him or her but it is not recommended that you walk around lifting the baby as it will be extremely painful and the baby’s legs might also come in contact with the incision area. 6. Avoid sex For at least 6 weeks after you have your operation done or until the wound heals, it’s best you stay away from sex. Always make sure to get the green signal from your gynecologist before you get physical with your partner after giving birth. 7. Stop worrying A lot of moms blame it on their misfortune that they had to go through this surgery. But there’s no point in beating yourself up about this. Try not to get depressed and concentrate on yours and your baby’s well being instead. 8. Do not let the wound get wet For the first few days after the surgery when the wound is still fresh, always shower with the dressing on top of the wound. Also don’t touch the incision unnecessarily even if you feel a little itch, resist yourself. 
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    Anu Agarwal851 days ago

    thankyou very much.... but is there any home remedy to heal fast

Answer: Very helpful information.. thankyou
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Answer: Aap exercise kar Sakti ho. Walk pe Roz jao. Khana healthy khao. Fruit , vegetables. Stress mat lo. Lakin ye sab delivery ke 6 months ke baad. Ok
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Question: How to fast heal after c-section delivery ?
Answer: C section is a major surgery so you will have take right care of yourself. C section stitches have take 6 months to heal up. Some suggestions to speed up your recovery --- Take plenty of rest. Avoid stairs climbing. Don't lift anything heavy. Hold your abdomen whenever you sneeze. Drink plenty of water to get rid of constipation. Relive your stitches pain by prescribed medicines. Take good diet. Eat fresh veggie. If you seem redness and swelling then inform your doctor. Breastfeed your baby.
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Answer: Hi there is no way that you can stop the bleeding usually it says for about a 25 26 days time and after that it gets reduced there is nothing as home remedy that you can practice to stop that bleeding and you should not even try to stop it .. Hope this helps!
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