16 months old baby

Question: How to hair growth my baby she has curly hair

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Answer: Hi ma'am you should masage your baby's hair regularly..preferably with coconut oil.. Apply malai 1 hour before head wash...and then agaain apply little bit of coconut oill...
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    isha gupta703 days ago

    Is my baby going to be 2 years old? Is it necessary to apply rubella vaccine

Answer: Thnx for the tips
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Question: 2 year old baby. My baby hair is dry and curly. How to deal with it
Answer: Overwashing can strip away the natural oils of the scalp and leave hair dry, brittle, and frizzy. Instead, wash your baby's hair only once a week using a mild baby shampoo. Biracialbabies' hair is usually less curly and they produce more oil, so if necessary, you can wash the hair twice a week.
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Question: Hello my baby has no hair till now she has very low growth plz suggest some tips for growth hair
Answer: Hi dear u should massage ur baby head with coconut oil. Also wash it nicely. Even my baby had some slow growth but with proper oil massage and keeping baby scalp clean it is fine.but make sure hair also depends on the genes.
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Question: how to increase growth of hair of my 4 years daughter...she has very less hairs.
Answer: You can heat coconut oil little and give a nice massage to her head... then wash off with mild soap... coconut oil is very good for hair growth. Make sure she is having a healthy diet too.
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