6 months old baby

Question: How to give econorm powder to my baby he s hvng loose stools more than 10 days, I gave zinc syrup still he's hvng green jelly type but no dehydration.......

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Question: my son is 2 years old. He poops once in two or three days. Stool are very hard and difficult to pass.Frequently complaining that pain near the belly button for one month.Vomiting when we gave some solid foods. We consult doctor. He gave Rantac syrup and Muout syrup. I gave him for 5 days but nothing works
Answer: It's a simple case of constipation. Give your child lots of liquid of the day and include soaked raisins green vegetables fruits fruit juices and beans lentils cereals in your baby's regular diet. Take a look on soil and apply on your baby's belly button and around the belly button and give a gentle massage on daily basis. Apply little coconut oil on your baby's rectum while passing motion and whether your child see lineages to pass motion or not make baby seat on potty seat at a fixed time daily, this habit is very important.. this will help to regularise passing motion. If you can follow the above mentioned things I hope this will definitely show positive result.
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Question: I have a 8 month and 10 day girl baby, she is having fever and cold more than 1 and half days. The body temperature is now also 100 .4 or 99.6 the body temperature are varying . I have reached out doctor, he suggest me syrup but still the fever is high. Please give me a any suggestions.
Answer: Even my baby had fever of 102 I immediately consulted doctor he said viral fever which is most common due to climate change. He had given me antibiotic and syrup of fever. After 3 days it went. Specifically night time fever is very high. If temperatures is high bring down by placing cotton cloth squeezing water on forehead. My baby temperature evening high and night time very high it was. Please take and give medicine properly. See baby is well hydrated. Hopes help you
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Question: My baby completed 10 months but still he didn know how to chew the food he directly swollening all ..I don't knw how to teach him? Plz anyone 1 suggest me a idea
Answer: Hello dear still baby have not teeth and gums. That is why they swallow. So you need to give semisolid foods. You should not give hard foods . They can choke baby’s
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