Few days old baby

Question: How to give cereals for 7mntg baby?

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Answer: Dear at starting you can give cereals mixed with breastmilk or formula milk to baby..
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Question: How to make cereals for baby at home??
Answer: Hi Dear! I am sharing the home made cereal recipe here but pls offer once the baby completes 6 months of her age.. Home made cereal ***Ingredients @one*** Brown Rice-1 cup Ragi-1 cup Wheat-1 cup Jowar-1/2 cup Bajra-1/2 cup Green moong-1/2 cup Soyabeans-1/4 cup Kaala channa-1/4 cup ***Ingredients @two*** Peanuts-100 gms Almonds-100 gms Kaaju-100 gms Pistha-100 gms Preparation:: Step 1: wash and air dry/sun dry ingredients @ one on a cloth (seperately each). Step 2: once dried dry roast each item (seperately) on a low flame to get a light brown color/slight aroma. Step 3: dry roast ingredients@two on low flame. Step 4: grind each item in mixer to get a fine powder. (sieve to get fine powder and regrind if any granules left) Step 5: mix all together and store in an airtight container. Usage::: As and when you need it, take a little quantity, boil it with water, add ghee depending on your baby's taste. (Texture and quantity depending on your baby's age) Good luck!
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Question: how to make baby cereals at home??
Answer: take 1 cup of water add ragi flour and mix properly add a pinch of salt so they will get the taste and boil it for 2-3 minute
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Question: How to choose cereals
Answer: Hello Doctors suggest to start semi solids and pureed fruits till ur baby Whn the baby is 6 months old. The baby digestive system cannot digest the complex carbohydrate baby might have constipation indigestion or loose motions. Feeding solids dis early can harm baby s digestive system forever. Breastmilk only till ur baby is 6 months old then u can start semi solids.
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