5 months old baby

Question: How to give a gentle massage to a premetured baby?

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Question: My baby is premetured 30 weeks delivered baby how to give nutrients to baby
Answer: Six full months only breast milk dear unless they feel hungry or doctor suggests to start Later you can start fruits like banana vegetables like boiled carrot boiled potato dear Cereal its better to give home made cereal as it does not have any preservatives Dry fruits should be slowly started dear You take good food and supplements so they go to baby in breast milk dear Give baby good oil massage and bath dear It helps baby relax well take feed sleep well dear Sleep activity and breast milk are the only things baby has at this stage Leave baby down so baby plays increasing hunger dear You take good supplements dear and they go through breast milk to baby dear Take care
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Question: How to give massage oil
Answer: Dear you will find many videos related to massaging the new borns on this app of on internet. However personally I would suggest to learn it from someone elder in the house. I learned it from my mother. It is actually simple the way you massage an elderly person just the hand movement should be much softer as your baby is small. Hope it helps.
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Question: Can we parents give massage to a newborn baby?
Answer: Yes completely dear, you can give massage but be very gentle and soft with your hands and dont put anykind of pressure or stretch to baby's body..
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