3 months old baby

Question: How to get the eyelash out of baby's eye?

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Answer: Hi dear you can slowly blow out the eyelash or use soft wet cloth and try to remove the eye lashes from the eye. Wash the baby's eyes with warm water and clean properly.
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Question: how to get the proper shape of my baby's head
Answer: Hie Babies are born with soft heads to allow for the amazing brain growth that occurs in the first year of life. As a result, their heads are easily molded  Flat head syndrome usually happens when a baby sleeps in the same position most of the time  This problem does not harm brain development or cause any lasting appearance problems Simple practices like changing a baby's sleep position, holding your baby, and providing lots of "tummy time" can help. Reposition your baby's head (from left to right, right to left) when your baby is sleeping on the back. Even though your baby will probably move around throughout the night, it's still a good idea to place your child with the rounded side of the head touching the mattress and the flattened side facing up. Provide plenty of supervised time for your baby to lie on the stomach while awake during the day. Not only does "tummy time" promote normal shaping of the back the head, it also helps in other ways. Looking around from a new perspective encourages your baby's learning and discovery of the world. Plus, it helps babies strengthen their neck muscles and learn to push up on their arms, which helps develop the muscles needed for crawling and sitting up.
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Question: How to get rid of eye discharge for 4yr baby?
Answer: Dear you baby ia 4 yr old and getting eye discharge is a sign of some kind of blockage or infection. I would suggest you to please consul the doctor to get a check up done. As in such cases better to get specialist advice. Hope it helps.
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Question: how to know the baby's gender with out any scan
Answer: Hi dear, there is no such way by which you can know the gender of the baby. In fact, I am sure you would be more concerned about the growth and development of the baby rather than the gender. I'm sure you would welcome your little one whole heartedly what ever the gender is and it would be the love of your life. All the best.
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