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Question: How to get rid of nipple pain

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Answer: Massage nipple with coconut oil. The pain can happen during to milk production and is very normal. If the pain is too much consult doctor and get medicine
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Question: How to get rid of cracked nipple ?
Answer: Apply breast milk after every feed. Any nipple problem breast milk is solution
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Question: can any one suggest me how to get rid of nipple pain.
Answer: Nipples are one of the most sensitive parts of your body and when they become sore, it can cause great discomfort. You can also try some simple, natural home remedies to get relief. Apply a few drops of breast milk on the affected nipple before breastfeeding. After breastfeeding apply some milk again. Dip a washcloth in warm water. Wring it out and then place it on your breasts for a couple of minutes. Do this at least 10 minutes before breastfeeding. Heat a small amount of the oil of your choice in a microwave until warm. Apply the warm oil on the nipples and massage gently. Note: Before breastfeeding, make sure to wash your nipples thoroughly with warm water to remove any remaining oil. Apply this fresh gel on the affected areas and allow it to dry on its own. Clean the area with lukewarm water and pat dry with a soft towel. Repeat several times a day for about three to four days. Note: Never feed your baby until you have washed off the aloe vera with warm water. Aloe vera can cause diarrhea in small babies. Wash a handful of basil leaves and then grind them into a paste. Apply this paste on the nipples and allow it to air dry. Wash off the paste before feeding your baby. To get temporary relief from pain caused by breastfeeding and sore nipples, you can massage the affected area with an ice cube.
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Question: How to get rid of breast and nipple pain after feeding
Answer: Hi dear u can apply cocoNutboil and massage it mickey. This will relax ur breast pain and pressure. Make sure to wash it properly before feeding ue baby.
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Question: Hi.. I am experiencing nipple pain.. How to get rid of it?
Answer: Hello mommy 👋, The nipple pain is Because the feeding procedure is not proper. common problem is a latch that's too shallow. Remember that it's called breastfeeding, not nipple feeding. Your baby's lips should be around most or all of your areola ( whole black spot)when feeding. A shallow latch puts too much suction right on the nipples and becomes sore and painful. Wear a right inner garment, which gives you best support. Try giving cool compression for relief and apply your own breast milk if have a cut or wound.
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