8 months old baby

Question: How to get rid of diaper rashes. My baby is having viral diahrrea and due to which she has rashes in her anus. .. she is suffering a lot ..

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Answer: Use coconut oil regularly and keep that place mosturized.
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Question: How to get rid of baby diaper rashes instantly ?
Answer: Hi, stop using diaper, instead use dumpadum which is safe for baby
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Question: How to get rid baby of diaper rashes?
Answer: Use only in night other times u wear only the cloth diapersafter every use wipe it with wipes and apply Himalaya diaper rash cream and than wear it
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Question: How to get rid off diaper rashes in babies?
Answer: Hello Take a look at these strategies to get rid of your baby’s diaper rash: 1. Wash with water, not wipes The ideal way to clean your baby when he has a diaper rash is with water. Not only do wipes—even the sensitive kind—have other things in them that could irritate the rash, but the actual rubbing on the skin could make it worse. Instead, use water, especially if the messes are mild. Use flat cotton pads dipped in water to wipe most of the mess away. And when you do, try to pat or at least gently wipe with the pad. Think of your baby’s rash as a wound, something you’d be careful not to irritate further. Then, carry your baby to the sink or tub to wash his bottom with your hand. 2. Air your baby’s bottom out Any contact with your baby’s diaper rash runs the risk of irritating it even more. If you can, air your baby’s bottom out as much as possible. For instance, see if you can do tummy time on an old towel on the floor. Or place him face-up and drape another towel in front in case he pees. Another option is to extend bath time. Give your baby an extra long bath and allow him to play for a bit longer, if only to keep him out of a diaper even more. The less time your baby is in a diaper, the faster the rash will go away. 3. Use diaper cream At some point, you’ll need to put your baby in a diaper once again. When you do, apply diaper cream to his rash as well. Diaper creams can soothe your baby’s current rash so it doesn’t feel so itchy and irritating. It’ll also add an extra layer between his skin and the diaper so the rash isn’t in direct contact with the diaper. And finally, the cream will keep his skin from getting moist and making the rash worse. The key to applying diaper cream is to make sure the area is dry before applying the cream. It’s this moisture that can make rashes worse, so keeping it dry is a must. Now, which diaper cream to use? After talking with several moms in our SSBE community, I compiled a few of our favorites below: Triple Paste (my preference) Desitin Maximum Strength Dr. Smith’s Calmoseptine Butt Paste Vaseline 4. Change diapers frequently Confession time: I wouldn’t always change my babies’ diapers in the middle of the night. If they only had wet diapers, I’d simply feed them when they woke up and put them back to sleep. But with a diaper rash, regular and frequent diaper changes are important. You want to avoid any moisture from making your baby’s rash any worse. Follow the clock and change the baby’s diapers every few hours during the day. Maybe you change after every nap, or every two hours. Or perhaps you put him in a diaper with a wetness indicator so you can easily see if he has peed in his diaper. At night, put him in a new diaper before feeding instead of only if he has pooped. Yes, even if it means you have to undo his whole pajama / swaddle / sleep sack ensemble. A clean, dry diaper is the next best thing to being bare-bottom. Regular and frequent diaper changes will help make that happen. 5. Switch diaper brands or sizes Sometimes it’s the diaper itself that could be making the rash harder to go away. Every diaper is different, so that even if one baby is fine in one, another could find the same type of diaper irritating. If the rash doesn’t seem to go away or it keeps coming back, one option is to switch to a different diaper brand. Buy a few at first to see if it makes a difference before getting a larger box. Another option is to move up a size in diapers. Sometimes we forget how quickly our babies grow and overlook the signs that they’re ready to size up. If your baby has elastic imprints on his skin, or securing the diaper seems tight, it may be time to get the bigger size. Conclusion No parent wants to see the dreaded redness of a diaper rash. We all instantly cringe when we open that diaper, knowing what we’ve got stacked against us. At least now, though, you have the proven tips to help diaper rashes go away quickly and effectively. Washing with water instead of wipes can reduce irritation. Using diaper cream and changing diapers with regular frequency will help soothe and prevent the rash from getting worse. Keeping your baby diaper-free as often as possible will minimize diaper use and help the rash go away faster. And finally, changing diaper brands (or even using cloth diapers) can be a long-term solution for those rashes that simply won’t go away.
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