28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to get relief from farenzytis suffering a lot

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Question: How to get relief from backache after delivery?Suffering a lot from backache.
Answer: U can give him mustard oil and garlic massage oil.It will give him relief from cold.put some garlic in mustard oil and heat it and apply it on ur baby's body,oil should be little bit warm.Apply it daily.
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Question: Suffering from headache... How to get relief?
Answer: drinking a hot cup of Tulsi tea will give you relief and also massage scalp with lukewarm Desi ghee on leave from mustard oil and then a tie your had the with the Cotton Dupatta and try to take rest. I hope this will give you relief.
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Question: Im suffering from heartburn from yesterday night,could not sleep whole night,tried all remedies but no relief ,who to get relief ,suffering a lot..
Answer: Take aciloc tabs in empty stomach in the morning. Since you already have heartburn, you can take 2 tsf of antacid gel like digene mixed with half cup of water. In future have small frequent meals and avoid oily spicy food. Hop this information is useful to you.
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