28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to get relief from farenzytis suffering a lot

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Question: What to do for dry nose i have a lot of pain of I touch my nose it self suggest how to get relief from this
Answer: Apply vaseline inside your nose,as it will keep softness inside your nose and also you will get relief from pain
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Question: Im suffering from constipation from past week. What should i take to relief
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear constipation s a common in pregnancy. last month i was facing constipation issue too. My dr suggest me to drink plenty of water. Around 10 glasses nd 3to 4 ltr liquids a day is recommended. advised to go 4 walk nd high-fiber foods, such as fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains nd prune juice s also helpful .nd i try it its heloful 4 me add flax seeds in diet .try it
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Question: How to relief from cold in pregnancy
Answer: This seems like flu symptoms..steam is the best for blocked nose. Put some eucalyptus oil in the water and take steam twice a day..keep sipping warm.fluids and soups..tulsi leaves are good for sore throat and cough..please gargle 4-5 times with salt warm water .keep yourself warm and rest well....
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