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Question: How to get pregnant with pcos

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Answer: Well pcod is actually a lifestyle syndrome..and it needs strict diet and can effect your conception process as the hormones are not friend had it and I took 2 years for her to conceive baby..make your lifestyle healthy.join some yoga stress yourself.avoid any junk and processed food would conceive .treatment is important along with better lifestyle.
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Question: In periods if sex is happened. Is that effect to get pregnant?
Answer: Sex during periods doesn't matters for pregnancy.. actually periods is the shedding phase of ur ovum(stri bij) so during periods though sex happens but u can't conceive for pregnancy... The best time for conceive that is to get pregnant is after ur ovulation that is on 14th or 15 th day of ur period ovulation start and after that if sex happens within 3-4 days then ur chance of conceive for pregnancy is more...
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Question: How to start cow milk ?? Means I should mix with water or directly i can give??
Answer: Hope you are doing well.. Yes dear you can give diluted milk, that's 1:2 ratio.. Start with a small quantity and increase it gradually. Hope this helps.
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Question: Im 25 weeks pregnant, n detected with high amniotic fluid with AFI 24. What are the complications, how can i reduce ir?
Answer: My sister try for baby but cant convince all reports are normal so wat can i do
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