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Question: How to get pregnant if u have irregular periods

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Answer: Hi dear, Irregular periods would have issues with ovulation .if you skip periods in some months,then it is possible that you are not ovulating too,so it's better you sort it out first.and yes, tracking ovulation in irregular periods is difficult,so get an ovulation kit,so that you can be sure when to have intercourse.
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    Himani Chauhan101 days ago


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Question: I have irregular periods. How to manage and get baby
Answer: Hi dear, there are few reasons for late periods or problem in getting pregnant. The first reason is if you have any medical conditions like pcos or thyroid problem which may cause to have irregular periods or some may skip periods. Other main reason is any medications may cause irregularities in ur cycle like blood pressure medicines or any kind of allergy medicines. There are also different reasons for negative pregnancy test after missed periods like you may be suffering from undiagnosed medical condition or extreme stress level. So make a plan to check with Dr. Take care!
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Question: Ihave irregular periods how can i get pregnant fast..
Answer: Try ovulation can help you determine the best time of getting pregnant i.e. during ovulation.
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Question: I have irregular periods last date is 23 April.I am pregnant now did u tell me how months pregnant im
Answer: Hello dear you are 1month pregnant and 2 is running. Lots of congratulations and best wishes for your pregnancy.
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Question: My periods are irregular how to get correctly
Answer: Hii dear u should consult doctor As irregular period indicates so any thing which can get detected by doctor analysis. May it is happening due to harmonal changes , stress, sudden weight gain or lose weight , some illness.
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