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Question: how to get pregnancy

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Answer: Having intercourse on your fertile days of your menstrual cycle will help you to conceive dear...
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Question: How to control stretch marks during 8th month of pregnancy
Answer: Dear please control your weight.it is one of the most helpful thing to control stretch marks.keep hydrating yourself, have proper diet, start taking vitamin c and you can apply any moisturiser for skin like aloe vera and leave for 15 minutes.apply twice daily for better results.they do not always disappear but they should become less noticeable.take care
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Question: How to get pregnant with pcos
Answer: Well pcod is actually a lifestyle syndrome..and it needs strict diet and exercise..it can effect your conception process as the hormones are not balanced..my friend had it and I took 2 years for her to conceive baby..make your lifestyle healthy.join some yoga classes..de stress yourself.avoid any junk and processed food too..you would conceive .treatment is important along with better lifestyle.
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Question: How to control hair loss in pregnancy..
Answer: I understand your concern, i too faced the same problem.. Here are a few tips to control hairfall : Do not use water which is too hot for washing your hair. Massage the strained liquid of soaked fenugreek into the scalp. Apply a mixture of olive oil, egg yolk and lemon juice on hair roots. Take care.
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