15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to get fair baby if the parents have black colour complexion? If it is possible ah?

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Answer: Hi, complexion of the depends upon the genetics and it ca't be changed. DOn't worry about the color hope for healthy baby.
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Question: If parents(mom dad) both complection is black so is there any chance to get fair bab??? How to get a fair baby???
Answer: Baby's skin color depends upon genes. Sometimes baby can be fair forbdark complectioned parents of grand parents or great grand parents have fair skin. These are all unpredictable.
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Question: How does the color of the baby be if both mom and dad are dark complexioned? Does it depend on their parents? Is it possible to make grow baby fair complexion?
Answer: Hi dear. Babies are always adorable regardless of their complexion so why worry about her complexion, instead of worrying about complexion just pray for hear health. Obviously parents complexion decides baby skin color. And there is not any way of making baby fair. Only fair babies are not lovable, dark babies are equally lovable too
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Question: My baby boy is black in colour, is it possible to make fair..
Answer: Hi.. Dear complexion is genetic.. But, if your baby is tanned.. You can use boiled milk cream to massage your child everyday.. Let it rest for fifteen minutes.. Then bathe your child using head to toe baby body wash... Continue for few days.. You will mark the difference..
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Question: My baby have a dark complexion..plz give a suggestion to get a fair skin colour
Answer: Hi dear Skin colour for baby is completely a genetic one....baby gets its parent colour or grand parents which is not in your hands and there is no medication or remedy to change babies colour...as a parent do not worry about baby colour either baby is fair or dull its a precious gift of god for which still many parents are fighting to get a baby....do feed baby with nutrituous foods for their growth and do cover them with your love and care...colour is not at all a major issue to sit and worry about
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