3 months old baby

Question: How to feed nan pro 1 formula for 4th Month baby.. Please tell me measurement..2 scoops for 150 ml water is fine?

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Answer: Hi. Yiu need to at 1 scoop in 30 ml water with ecery increasing 30 ml you need to add a scoop of formula milk powder. So for 150 ml you need to add 5 scoop of formula milk. Do make sure formula isnt over the scoop fill the scoop and remove extra powder making it even. Good luck.
Answer: Hi dear,it depends on the baby s weight ,so it us better to ask this to your Dr As he can better tell you the exact quantity that should be given at a time. All the best!!
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Question: Please help me with the exact measurement of nan pro 1..how should i use it?
Answer: 30 ml boiled then cooled water wid 1 spoon nan pro 1 given in the pack
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Question: How many scoops of nan pro should be added to a 20 ml water for a 5 mth old baby.anynody pls help me
Answer: Hi. 20 ml is very less. 1 scoop of fm os mixed in 30 ml water. So you can adjust accordingly for 20 ml.
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Question: By mistakely I gave 5 scoops of nan pro for 75 ml water to my 2 months old baby boy in the morning ... What to do.. ??? Plz rply
Answer: Hi,DNT worry nothing will happen,just be cool ,( one scoop is for 30ml ,5 *30 means it's 150 ml,but u have given 75 ml only)does the baby have any problem becoz of that?if he is ok with that then u DNT worry,even though u have any doubts just give 1 ml or 2 ml of woodwards to the baby,then he will poop easily.just be careful yar ,he is such a small one .enjoy the motherhood
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Question: I am giving formula milk ryt now.how 1 spoon of nan pro powder how much ml of water should mix ??
Answer: Hello dear As ur baby is now 4months old so, U should take 60 to 90 ml of warm water and add 2 spoons of formula milk to the water. Shake it and give ur baby to drink. For 1 spoon of formula, u should take 30 ml of water.
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