18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to ensure that baby is fine without going for ultrasound. I am 17 weeks pregnant. Please advise

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Answer: ultrasound is required at this stage because you won't be able to feel the baby moving around at this stage, so I don't have a way to tell if ur baby is fine or not.
Answer: Ultrasound is scheduled in week 20 so was wondering if there is any way to know that everything is going well inside before I go for an U/s
Answer: for detailed report of ur baby u have to go for ultrasound, itvis the only option.
Answer: when u had ur last ultrasound.
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Question: Hi i am 22 weeks pregnant but i donot feel any movement how shd i ensure that everything is fine i am worried
Answer: Hi dear as per my experience with my two kids, baby can start movement around 19-23 weeks. So be ready :)
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Question: Without ultrasound How to know my baby is fine?
Answer: U cannot know without ultrasound.. ultrasound is a must through which u can know the size,heart rate,crown rump length,gestational age & many other important aspects of pregnancy...there is a blood test ie double marker,triple marker & quadra marker through which u can know if there is any abnormality...plzzz u must do ultrasound
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Question: how to know that my baby is fine without ultrasound...pls tell me any symotom
Answer: hello.. dear till 19 weeks or later you will feel baby movements, your baby movements, continous check ups with doctor he will monitor your weight gain and heart beat of the baby.. if these are good then not to worry.. this will say that your baby is fine..
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Question: In 7 week pregnancy without ultrasound how can I know myself that baby is growing fine.?
Answer: Hi dear, Congratulations on your pregnancy! Ideally the initial scans would tell you your baby's wellbeing properly.the viability scan at 8 th week would confirm whether your pregnancy is viable or not. Once the baby starts kicking,you would know your baby is fine.its too early to know by yourself now.but if you have no bleeding or severe cramps ,then you can be assured you are doing good.wish you all the best!
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