25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to enlarge nipples to feed child?

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Answer: Do not worry dear once ur baby starts breastfeed they will grow large. Mine was extremely small but just a week of breastfees and they were large in size.
Answer: Hi It is not possible to enlarge nipples But feeding the baby has nothing to do with the size of nipples so don't worry
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Question: How to enlarge the nipples. Baby is not sucking the nipples Help me please Am much worried She is only 4 days old
Answer: New borns take time to drink milk. When baby start to suck milk nipple shape will be increase. Some tips to breastfeed--- Keep your baby near to you ( skin to skin contact). It is best solution to breast feed. Hold your breast and close to baby give your nipple in baby's mouth. Try this 2 to 4 times baby will try to suck. Rub your nipples on baby's cheeks. If these tips will not help then take help from lactation consultation.
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Question: How to feed milk with cracked nipples
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. Sorry to hear about that. You can apply some gel or apply Aloe Vera, coconut oil which gives you good relief and use a nipple guard before feeding. However, make sure you wash your breasts before feeding. Take care.
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Question: How to feed child
Answer: Hold your baby close to you with their nose level with the nipple.Wait until your baby opens their mouth really wide with their tongue down. ...Bring your baby on to your breast.Your baby will tilt their head back and come to your breast chin first. As babies get older, they become more efficient, so they may take about 5-10 minutes on each side, whereas newborns may feed for up to 20 minutes on each breast. Make sure your baby is latched on correctly from the beginning to ensure the most productive feeding possible.
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