29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to differentiate between kick and hiccups

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Answer: Kicks wl come abruptly without any time interval whereas hiccups u can feel at a regular interval of time
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Question: How to differentiate between hiccups and kicks?
Answer: You can observe hiccups occuring in equal intervals and kicks in random pattern.you keep a track on pattern of your baby's movements for better understanding.
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Question: How to differentiate between baby movement and hiccups?
Answer: hiccups is a very rhythmic subtle feeling that goes on for a period of time. when they kick it should be infrequent and not in a steady pattern and for the most part a little bit more forceful.
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Question: How to differentiate between a hiccup and kick?
Answer: hi dear , usually baby hiccups may feel after 32 week onwards as the baby lungs will grow you will feel rhythmic vibrations. but frequently hiccups will not be good for baby low oxygen levels will makes more hiccups . baby kicks will start from after 20 week onwards and this kicks will feel normally in sides and front when the baby move randomly in the womb. I hope this will helps you ..
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Question: How can we differentiate between baby movement's,rolling, and hiccups?
Answer: During hiccups you can feel some heartbeat kind of movements of your baby as a few baby's heartbeat is being hurt by you and movement can be adjusted when a small stroke too when your baby will roll over you will feel a very drastic change in your baby's position within few seconds and it is visible only after 32 weeks of pregnancy.
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