6 months old baby

Question: how to deal with this post pregnancy weight?

2 Answers
Answer: I have lost all my fat which l gained during pregnancy. In fact m still loosing as l breastfeed my son. My weight is now less than what l had before marriage. Being active in household work with breastfeeding is a great way to loose extra calories..
Answer: Breast feeding is the best solution for burning calories and lose weight
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Question: .. I have migraine pain... How to deal with it
Answer: Dear consume hot ginger tea excluding coffee or tea, take sufficient sleep in shady area, stop watching flash lights.
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Question: How to deal with baby's Measles
Answer: I know it's quite challenging to handle baby in such illness..well you may comfort baby by breastfeeding..keep baby well hydrated..for fever you may give right dose of crocin .and stay I doors anyways..baby would be little cranky so please have patience..it will be fine in a week.
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Question: How to deal with heartburn in second trimester.
Answer: Hi..It is very common. Have warm water everytime. Chew saunf. Eat lots and lots of fibre rich food. Cucumber and watermelon also helps a lot but keep the season in mind before having that.
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