23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to deal with placenta previa

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Question: How to sleep with placenta previa and low cervical length
Answer: Hi, in both cases sleeping on the sides is the best way. Best is to sleep on the left side, this ensures that the oxygen and blood supply reaches the baby and placenta properly. However, sleeping on the left does not stop it. Hence you can change sides between left and right and sleep.
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Question: How to deal with low placenta problem??
Answer: Hi dear. if low lying placenta is detected before 20 weeks then there are more chances that the placenta will shift to upwards. Placenta is low lying then you will have to take special care of yourself . don't lift or carry any heavy object . don't eat too spicy or too oily food . avoid standing for longer hours . take proper rest . avoid travelling specially on bumpy or damaged roads . don't follow any hectic schedule. keep yourself safe from any kind of jerk . Take care
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Question: How to correct placenta previa?
Answer: Avoid stairs, walking and keep a pillow underneath your legs when you lie down.. whenever you feel exerted leave everything and lie down... Don't stand continuously for more than half an hour... I had the same issue... Mine got resolved with these things... All the best
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