16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to deal with Migraine? B4 pregnancy i used to take high dose pain killers. Now only Paracetamol is allowed. At times i take 1000 mg paracetamol twice a day. Pain reduces for sometime a d trigger back again.

Answer: Hi Dear! Unfortunately what works for one person doesn't always work for the next; we all have different triggers fr migraine. I hv had excrucuating pain because in pregnancy your hormones r all over the place and only having paracetamol wont help much, I would recommend going to your Gynae or finding a neuro - in the meantime, if you can apply cream on tight shoulders and necks, massage , and stretching will help.. I hope you feel better soon..
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Question: Hlo dctr has prescribed me 1000 mg of calcium twice a day..can i take only one
Answer: Plz don't miss out on calcium tabs. You have to take the calcium tabs according to doctor's prescription. These calcium supplements you will not get from food.
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Question: Hi I am 10 weeks pregnant and having little cramps on my left side of abdomin.. When I go to toilet at night then I have this cramp and sometimes during the day time. Asked my doctor about this and he told to increase my dupastone dose i.e 4 times a day earlier I used to take duphaston twice a day. M really worried is it normal yo have this type of cramp during 1st trimester? Is my baby ok? Please help
Answer: Having cramps is very normal during pregnancy. Sleep more on the left side. It will reduce cramps. Your baby is absolutely fine. Nothing to worry about dear.
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Question: Hi, mine is a normal delivery but my doc advised me to take Epidural during labor... So i took epidural during my labor. Can you plz let me know will it cause back pain as i suffer at times!
Answer: Usually back pain is common after delivery. But epidural injection can also back pain as a side effect.
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