2 months old baby

Question: how to cure nose blockage due to cold in two months child

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Answer: Hi dear, As climate is changing these days so its common to get cold. Try to keep your baby covered specially in morning and evening. Home remedies: 1. Cold: heat mustard oil till smoking point then add 1 tsp of salt apply this luke warm along with salt on chest back palms and foot of your baby and make him sleep and cover him. 2. Running nose: use saline water drops and use humidifier near by when he was sleeping it will loosen the cough. Make your baby sleep on pillow bit upright it will help him to sleep without interruption.
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Question: How to relief cold in 5 month nd 22 days baby?he cant sleep due to nose blockage
Answer: Hello dear, Put a few saline drops in her nose to help loosen up some of the mucus. And suck out any excess snot with a bulb syringe (not pretty, but effective) to help clear out her passageways. Put a humidifier or cool-mist vaporizer in her bedroom; it'll add moisture to the air and help her breathe more easily. You could try the special nonmedicated version of its famous vapor rub for babies 3 months and older. ... Use these to release the scent of menthol to soothe and ease congestion for your baby.
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Question: How to cure cold/running nose . My child is 7.5 mon
Answer: if the child has running nose you can put 2-3 drops of saline nasal solution to his nose 3 times a day , while sleeping grace the baby's head with pillow so the baby can breathe easily , don't like the baby directly under the fan or AC . still he has cold or running nose you should consult a doctor and the doctor will give nebulization .
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Question: How to cure cold and runny nose in babies? My baby is nine months old.
Answer: Hi the followings are the home remedies for cold.your breastmilk feeding to your baby is very helpfull for your baby to relieve from cold because beastmilk contains antibodies which helpfull to immunise your baby health .if your baby is above 7 monthd Give more fluids to your baby like milk,water,jucies,etc,because which dilute the mucus and its helpfull for oozing off.Nasal drops are very usefull for nose blockage use four times for daily .Turmeric or haldi which is having antiviral and antiboitic properties its usefull for relieve from cold.make tumeric paste with warm water and apply at forehead ,chest and foot and clean after sometime..its usefull.garlic and ajwin pouch ..roast both of them in little quantity and make a pouch with cloth and put that pouch near to your baby..the smell coming from the pouch wil helpfull for the relief of cold.Head elevation when your baby suffering from blockage of nose its very helpfull..just place the baby head on an elevation its relieves the hardening of breathing due to mucus.just keep your home clean and wash hands properly when keep.the food to your baby.
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Question: My baby is suffering from nose blockage due to cold. What to do?
Answer: Tke him to an ENT specialist. He needs immediate attention
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