24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to cure gestational diabetes..?? My GCT level is 320..what should I do?

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Answer: Hi! If you have GDM be sure it does not pass through to your baby but yes due to high glucose levels baby's weight might increase than gestational age, baby may be too large. Check your diet and reduce carb intake. take Doc prescribed medicine and it will be controlled. Walk daily and include lots of fruits, veggies and fish in your diet. There are succesful stories of Normal delivery with healthy babies. Good luck!
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Question: Maam how can i control gestational diabetes.. My GCT is 197
Answer: you need to start metformin treatment and if required insulin shots should be taken. with a high blood suagr level you will have complivcation in dilivery and may suffer blood loss. in 33 weeks diet is also to watch for i will advise taking foods with low gi such as oats poha oats idli oats and multigrain jau bajra atta roti and eating less processed foods avoid banana pomgranate and dates figs eat citrus fruits and vegetables. meet your endocrinologist once and a dietician who can keep a record of your sugar and get one hb1ac test also.
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Question: Tips to cure gestational diabetes.
Answer: Hi dear complete doet try to avoid foos that increase sugar level dont stress youself dont eat much take more vegetable avoid fruits take only orange if you need avoid rice item esspecially idli dosa take ragi kambu thinai eat only marigold biscuit and fried gram pottukadalai if you are hunger.
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Question: How to cure gestational diabetes
Answer: One of the most important ways to treat and control gestational diabetes is diet. A healthy diet can work wonder for managing gestational diabetes. To help maintain a stable blood sugar level, food intake has to be monitored. Here are a few tips for meals if someone has gestational diabetes: Include proteins in every meal. This will keep you satisfied longer. Monitor carbohydrate intake. Carbs can cause dramatic rises and falls in blood sugar levels which is not good for someone with gestational diabetes. Avoid processed food as much as possible Don’t overeat, especially sugary snacks. Avoid starchy food like rice and potatoes Avoid fried food Eat food with a low glycemic index. This keeps blood glucose levels stable for longer. These are a few general tips for diet changes needed in gestational diabetes. Talk with your doctor and nutritionist for a detailed meal plan that will be beneficial for both mother and baby.
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