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Question: how to cook wheat porridge

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Answer: Wheat Flour - 1 Cup Desi Ghee - 3 Tbsp Water as required Cashew nut - 5 nos. Badam - 3 nos. Dry Grapes - 4 nos. Sugar - 2 Tbsp (optional) Dates - 2 nos.(optional) 1.Heat a pan with 2Tbsp of Ghee and add badam, cashew nut, Dates and raisins. Fry it till turn its colour. 2.Add all the fried dry fruits for grinding. 3.Grind it into fine powder without addition of water. 4.Heat a kada with medium flame at 2Tbsp of ghee and 11/2 cup of wheat flour. Fry it on low flame. 5.After frying the wheat flour, turn it colour to light golden, we have to add powdered dry fruits. 6.Add a cup of water to this mix, Add sugar as per taste. Stir it well in a low flame without any lumps. 7.Cook it for 10 minutes. Wheat porridge also get thicken. Finally add a 2Tbsp of ghee to the wheat porridge. It it prepare for child means avoid adding more ghee. 8.Substitute for sugar add spoon of honey in lukewarm, make it into more healthy porridge. Transfer the sweet to a cup and serve it.
Answer: Hi dear, Roast daliya in ghee, the add water and cook it. Once the daliya tuns soft add milk, sugar , dry fruit powder, cardamon and cook till it turns creamy and thick.
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Question: How To make wheat porridge?
Answer: Hello dear... Wheat porridge is too nutritious and it is a good option to start solid,it is tummy filling and helps in weight gain Wheat porridge recipe Ingredient Whole samba wheat -1/2 cup Formula milk powder 1tbsp Palm sugar - 1 tbsp Method of preparation Soak samba wheat in water for five hours,after soaking stain the water Add soaked wheat in a blender,blend it nicely to make puree Extract juice from puree,add formula powder to it Heat that puree in stove,cookwell to porridge consitency without any lumps,add palm sugar stir for two min,serve
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Question: How to cook wheat daliya
Answer: VEGETABLE DALIA - roast 1 cup dalia n keep aside - put 1 tbspn ghee in pressure cooker, add cumin seeds, chopped onion - saute till translucent - add grated carrots n peas - cook for 3-4 minutes - add salt, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, coriander powder, half tbson sugar - mix well - add 2 cups water n 1 cup roasted dalia - cook till 1 whistle n turn off - garnish with chopped coriander
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Question: How to cook wheat broken gear
Answer: Hi, for broken wheat khidchi, you can prepare as you do khidchi but make sure to cook it well in pressure cooker or else it stays hard. If porridge you are making then first cook it in pressure cooker and then add milk in it.
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