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Question: How to control PCOD problem and how to get pregnancy

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Answer: Try much to avoid any medication initially... You need regularise your menstural cycle through good and strict diet and physical activity. Try regular power yoga or aerobics or something of your interest. Make sure you keep your weight in the lower side of normal BMI. Losing 2 kg per month is advisable. Though many people suggest medications that might help, nothing can help you as your physical fitness can...
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Question: How can control hypothyroid and get pregnancy?
Answer: Deae hypothyroid can only be controlled through medication. And if it is controlled there should be no complications in pregnancy or getting pregnant. You can consult doctor and start with medication. Hope it helps.
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Question: I am having pcod problem how to cure that and how to get pregnant fast?
Answer: First of all do excercise and try to lose your weight if have excess...and meet to doctor as well as good dietician that can help you for good suggestion in this direction..but loose weight first
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Question: How to get rid of PCOD problem?
Answer: Have heathy works very effectively..even I had pcod and pregnant now without any all the best
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