27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: how to control high BP some time high and some time normal in 6 month pregnancy

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Answer: Hello dear during pregnancy bp can be high and low. So you have to maintain good diet like in high bp less your salt intake and drink more fluids. Avoid stress. 7 to 8 hours sleep is necessary. Fried foods are not good so try to avoid it. Do breathing exercise and yoga for lower your stress level.
Answer: Drink plenty of water, Avoid sugary foods, Less your salt intake, Go for mild walking in the evening, Avoid oily and deep fried items.
Answer: Limit salt intake
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Question: How to control high BP in pregnancy
Answer: Hello.. The normal blood pressure value is 110/70 mg,if it goes beyond 140/90 mg,consider as high blood pressure,and it is common in pregnancy, follow these steps it may help you in control blood pressure... Monitor your intake of salt You should consume or reduce less salt intake,so that it may helps you lot in controlling blood pressure Don't stress yourself Avoid stress during pregnancy,is an another secret key to control BP,be calm,do your favourite activities,and make yourself relaxed Physical activity Exercise and physical wellness will help you lot in controlling blood pressure, engaging yourself activated throughout the day will help to control blood pressure Weight control Don't gain too much weight, because it may increase blood pressure,so have an healthy diet with lot of fruits and vegetables,avoid fried item, packed snacks,and go for healthy snacks alternative Practice yoga yoga helps you relive from blood pressure, especially breathing techniques will give you tension free,happy pregnancy
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Question: How to control high bp in pregnancy
Answer: (1) Don't take tension... You must have some tension about which you are thinking most of the time and destroying your health so first off all stop taking tension because this will not be the reason to sought out any problem. (2) Perform meditation every day it will help in keeping you cool. And will them help keeping your blood pressure normal. (3) Exercise regularly as it will definitely help in keeping the bloos pressure under control. (4) As far as possible keep yourself away from hypertension medicines because if once you get used to it then definitely you will get addicted to it which in turn will affect your health. (5) For diet take 3 bananas every day it will help you in reducing bp. And take a glass of lemon juice every day. And don't eat spicy meal and lessen your salt intake in the meal. Hope it will help you and All the best for your healthy life.
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Question: How to control high BP in pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear. Here are a few tips you might follow to keep blood pressure in control. Eat a healthy diet, and especially limit your sodium intake. Take your blood pressure medications the way you are supposed to. Keep all your prenatal appointments. Stay physically active. Take care.
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