7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: how to conceive naturally in pcos....

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Answer: hello dear to conceive naturally first try to resolve pcos wand get your period regular and give a try for baby
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Question: Digonsed with pcos ? How to conceive naturally ? Or any medicine ?
Answer: In pcos, improve your diet with fresh veggies fruits and avoid junk food and artificial sugar. Basically if you are overweight reducing 5% of your weight will improve your chances of concieving naturally. Daily exercise or yoga really helps. You may also need to take fertility treatment which is quite normal and makes concieving easier.
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Question: I have pcos and I am trying to conceive naturally but it's not happening.how to cure pcos and conceive naturally
Answer: First of all, free yourself from stress, just try to keep urself stress free no matter what. Secondly, walk, walk for minimum 30min maximum for an hour in a day. This should be brisk walking, i can do it once or twice a day, make sure you have ur headphones on and listen to some nice music while walking. Third, decrease ur carb intake and increase your protein intake. Cut down on sugar, chapati, rice, biscuits, etc. Take paneer, soyabean, eggs, chicken, green vegetables like palak, methi, saag etc. Fourth, eat atleast one fruit daily, maximum 2 fruits. Eat a lot of salad like cucumber, radish, carrots , sprouts, etc. Include soaked almonds and walnut as first thing in the morning. Last, eat one folic acid tablet daily. Be positive and give ur body some time. With God's grace you will see results within 6 months of starting this. It's tried and tested. Goodluck!!
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Question: How to cure pcos and pregnant naturally
Answer: Do exercise regularly 2 hrs a day...walking+exercise...avoid sugary n starchy food...take high protien diet n plenty of citrus fruits...n keep record of your periods..don't miss ovulation days...try to intimate between 7th to 20 th day of cycle
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Question: How to become pregnant with pcos naturally
Answer: Hello dear. Pcod is very common and affecting most women these days. However, you can get pregnant with PCOS. There are a number of effective fertility treatments available. You can check with your doctor. Take care.
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