6 months old baby

Question: How to clean the ear of a five and half months old baby? Can I use earbuds?

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Answer: Hello. Please do not use ear buds. Baby are so small and their organs are very sensitive which can get damaged easily. Use clean cotton only nothing else. If my answer is helpful please give thumbs up. Thanks
Answer: No
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Question: how to clean ear wax of 5& half month old baby?
Answer: you should not clean you might hurt the membrane . upper layer or outer part can be cleaned but don't use earbuds. you unwillingly hurt and it could be Dangerous. if any mucus is leaking then immediately consult doc might be some infection.
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Question: Is it safe to use earbuds to clean dirt in nose for 2 months Baby
Answer: Hi dear Do not use ear buds for babies as those small cotton particles may get stayed in...use clean towels instead..do wet towel in warm water and make it as pipe and clean it which is safe than cotton ear buds
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Question: My baby is 2 and half months old. How can I clean the nose of the baby?
Answer: Dear to clean babys nose just press softly but frequently with wet hanky that will soft all the stuff inside and will help remove it.
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