2 months old baby

Question: How to clean one and half old baby's nose

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Answer: Hello! To clean the nose of the baby, first add 2 drops of saline water in each nostrils of the baby . Then keep it for 10 minutes. Then slowly massage the sides of the nose in circular motion. Once done make a wick of a cotton cloth and insert it in the nose and clean it. You can also use a nose bulb to clean the mucus. Take care
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Question: How to clean baby's nose and ear
Answer: Ear you must not. At age of 2/you can get one saline jet water clearance done at an ENT clinic. For nose use nasal aspirator It helps to remove stuffed nose which happens in cold season often. Take care.
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Question: How to clean baby's ears and nose?
Answer: Please dnt pur ear buds to clean. use cotton cloth n wipe the dirtyness only on the outer part of the ear. same with the nose. If u put buds, the dirty will go inside of ur baby's ear n Will create an issue.
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Question: How to clean baby's nose???
Answer: you can fold the edges of any cloth and rub in nose and ears also
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