8 months old baby

Question: How to clean nose and ears of 8 months baby?

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Answer: Hi desr plz don't use anythg to clean then other than cleaning ear and nose at the time of bath. That is enough. Don't use any eae bud or something to clean. It is ok to have some wax in baby ear as it save ur baby from getting any kind of outside infection
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    Athira Lechu843 days ago

    Baby shows some kind of irritation

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    priyanka jaiswal842 days ago

    If u need then u can ask ir doctor to give u ear drop. And nose sonjestion can be cleared with the help of saline drop

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Question: How to clean nose and ears of baby of 1 month 20days of age
Answer: You should not clean your baby ears if your baby is not showing any signs of itching or rubbing his ears or crying while rubbing his eyes and ears . because sometimes because of MisS judgement the ear bud can go far into his ear Canal . which is already very short and is developing so even though if there is any kind of wax build-up you will accidentally push that inside more inside and it will cause more pain to the baby. so wait for your baby till your baby is 1.5 and then you can take him to an ENT and he will do a warm normal saline rinse in your baby's ear to free up the build up of the wax
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Question: How to clean baby ears and nose?
Answer: Ears can be cleaned by using ear drops prescribed by your pediatrician...and nose can be cleaned by giving steam to your baby...this will help clear nasal passages... Even applying some small amount of eucalyptus oil on your baby's nose will help bring out any dried up mucus discharge in the nose..
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Question: How to clean baby's ears and nose?
Answer: Please dnt pur ear buds to clean. use cotton cloth n wipe the dirtyness only on the outer part of the ear. same with the nose. If u put buds, the dirty will go inside of ur baby's ear n Will create an issue.
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