Few days old baby

Question: how to clean ears and remove wax for babies

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Answer: hello dear clean with soft towel .. donot put into the ears.. just try to clean external surface dear..
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Question: How to clean ear wax for babies
Answer: Hello dear. Mild to moderate earwax buildup is common in children of all ages. Though you can wipe the external ear clean with a washcloth. Inserting a tool or cotton swab into your baby's ear can push the earwax even deeper into the ear, which can cause an infection. Cleaning inside the ear can also puncture the baby's eardrum. If you're concerned about excess earwax buildup, you can try hydrogen peroxide drops, but you must first consult with baby's pediatrician. Take care.
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Question: How to clean baby ears wax?
Answer: Hi,Dear Wet the washcloth in warm water. Then, wipe it around the outer area of the baby’s ear to gradually clean any earwax that’s trickled outside. Most of the wax will fall out on its own. The remaining can be wiped off. Do not push the washcloth inside the ear canal. Hope I helped
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Question: how to clean wax from baby's ears?
Answer: Because a cotton swab is often what causes a wax buildup in the first place, parents should never use one to clean a baby's ear canals . Instead, wash baby's outer ear gently with a washcloth and leave the canal alone; it's very rare for ear wax to build up when cotton swabs are not being used.Use Lukewarm Water for Cleaning During Bath-Time.Make Sure Your Baby is Hydrated...Earwax gets denser if the child is dehydrated. Ensure that your baby gets adequate amount of fluids, including breastmilk or formula...you can use olive oil or mineral oil to soften the earwax in your baby’s ears and then clean it. In fact, oils are a major constituent of many over-the-counter earwax-removal kits. 
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