Question: how to clean baby ears

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Answer: Clean the outside of your child’s ears with a wash cloth or cotton swab. Only use warm olive oil or mineral oil to soften any hard earwax. See your doctor about anything abnormal such as blood, oozing, pain or changes in hearing. ​​
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Question: How to clean baby ears??
Answer: Dear ur baby s 13 month, so now u can clean it with ear buds but just clean superficial area don't go deep, nd only when he s sleeping.
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Question: How to clean baby ears?
Answer: Hi dear Don't put anything in to baby's ear Always keep the ear dry Use wax solvents like soliwax 2 drops 3 times for 5 days
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Question: How to clean babys ears
Answer: Dear you can burn some garlic in mustard oil... And put two drops of this in the babys ear
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