7 months old baby

Question: How to check fever

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Answer: Put thermometer under arms to check temperature. If it is above 99 f it is fever for babies. For adults up to 98.6 f is normal.
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Question: How to check fever in 2 months baby
Answer: if your baby has fever then his head or body will be warmer than usual. check his temperature through digital thermometer. he might feel lazy and wont take your feed or formula feed. dont cover him too much during fever. make him wear light , cotton clothes if the weather is not cold.
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Question: How to check if your baby has fever
Answer: Hi dear, put the thermometer under armpit of ur baby.
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Question: Wat are the symptoms of baby having fever. ..how to check baby's body temperature in case of fever? Help please
Answer: Hi! Plz check fever with a thermometer fr an accurate reading of fever, if you find it more than 99.5° offer paracetamol drops or any other prescribed by Dr.s.. Hope this helps!
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