36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: how to change baby position breech to head down position

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Answer: Hello dear Usually by 34 weeks Baby fixed the position for Labour but in some cases however not. Babies that are positioned feet or buttocks down in the womb are called “breech babies.” Babies that are lying sideways in the womb are called “transverse-lie” babies. Either way, a vaginal delivery of these babies can be extremely complicated if they do not move into the proper head-down position. There are few exercises that you can do to achieve the desired position ie head down but for safety it's important to perform only after your gynecologist approval. 1. Spinning the breech baby : prop an ironing board at a low angle against a sofa or chair. Make sure the board is sturdy and secure. Ask a family member to help you to lie down on the board with your head down and your feet up on the board. Once you’ve found your balance, massage your stomach in a downward circular motion and visualize the baby turning head-down. Lying on board for 20 minutes at a time, three times daily.
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Question: Will the position of baby change from breech to head down during the rest of pregnancy??
Answer: yes dear, this time u cant judge accurate position of yr baby. he/she is moving inside u all the time.... so dont worry, at the time of delivery, baby will change his position, get his head down.for delivery... so dont worry... have chill and enjoy yr pregnany without stress
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Question: Is that possible baby can change its position from head down to breech again?
Answer: Hi. This happens in very rare case dear but chances ate just 1 %. Once baby takes head down position between 32-37 weeks baby isnt able lift his head up and turn the position as babies head is heavier they arent able to lift it up. But in very rare cases this happens. So dont worry chances are very low . Good luck.
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Question: Hoe to bring breech position baby to head down position
Answer: There are some manual rottions during the course of normal delivery but doctors avoid this procedure as its risky
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Question: baby position how to change breech position
Answer: If the baby had to change position it will automatically do it .
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