Few weeks old baby

Question: How to change baby lips

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Answer: Hello dear. Why do you wish to change a feature that your baby has.. Please accept the baby the way she is. And if it is something else please complete your query. Hope it helps.
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Question: How to change lips color, my baby lips are black
Answer: Hello dear. Some babies are born with dark lips which eventually change to normal as time passes. If it does not u can try a number of home remedies but at a later stage. As d baby is too small, it may not be d right time to use anything particularly on his lips as he will eventually swallow it. Usually lips colour can be improved by applying glycerin and rubbing in circular motion to exfoliate d skin n make it soft n pi kish. People also use malai mixed with rose water on d lips. Bug d above mentioned formulas can be used on adults. I would recommend you to stop focussing on lip colour and enjoy the stage of parenting.
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Question: How too change black baby lips converts pics
Answer: Hello mom, it is common and happens with all the babies what u can do is keep on wiping your baby's lips after every feed... during massage time put lil bit oil on her lips...stroke softly 5 -6 times and then wipe it with towel properly after giving her bath when the skin is lil bit wet and extra soft... rest dun get her lips dry... also, check her hb levels. All the best.
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Question: One month baby lips pink but now change black color
Answer: A weird and strange home remedy that my mom used and told me as well was whenever u breastfeed ur baby use a small red soft cotton cloth to wipe baby's lips the old wives used to say that the color of the cloth helps in keeping the color of the lips pink. So told u if u wish to try u can. I did it not because I believed in it coz my mom told me to and i think it worked coz my baby lips remained pink.
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