2 months old baby

Question: How to break swinging habit? My baby has developed habit if sleeping in either swing or lap. Please help

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Question: my baby not slpng. need to swing . if i stop swinging she s awake. wat to do. but in my in laws house she slps lik anythng
Answer: By now baby is used to being in your arm. Try these methods to handle the situation. 1) Swaddling- Baby will have a sense of comfort, security and closeness. Something which he gets from being held in your arm. 2) Playgym - Invest in a good quality play gym. This will keep baby engaged and also he ll get used to lying on bed or floor. 3) Cry out- Whenever baby cries to be picked up don't do it immediately rather try to divert his mind on other things. Sit next to him and play/talk. Don't pick up just yet. 4) Tummy time- Make baby lie on this stomach. This way baby will try to move his limbs and neck. It helps in strengthening baby's neck and he also get used to his body movement. Gradually baby will get used to being on bed.
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Question: hello mommies...my LO sleeps in d rocker that too after swinging for half or one hr..some times she sleeps on my lap aftr continuos swing on d lap..does this affects her brain or any kind of damage....?
Answer: hello.. dear some babies have habit of swinging while sleeping.. if you dont do that baby will not sleep... no problem dear you can swing slowly not to fast.. but try to make sleep her near you or nay bed area..rocker will not comfortable for babies after falling sleep..also slowly change her habit of sleeping
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Question: My baby is sleep dependent i.e. he needs either his swing or lap to sleep for his morning or afternoon naps and does not sleep on his own. Please advise how to change this habit of his.
Answer: Hi.. sleep along with the baby, so the baby feels safe.. once the baby goes to sleep you can get up and if the baby is getting disturbed then use ur clothes.. babies can smell you, if yiu place your clothes beside baby, baby feels you are beside her and sleeps peacefully
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